Gordon Neufeld

Author of the attachment-based parenting theory

Gordon Neufeld

Gordon Neufeld is a clinical psychologist, author of the theory of child development based on attachment principles, and a father to five children. If you are hearing his name for the first time, devote 2 minutes of your to getting acquainted with him. You will not regret!

Living in a far-off Canada, Mr. Neufeld has given quite a few Ukrainian moms “peace of mind” regarding matters of raising kids. He was able to put into words, prove scientifically and turn into axioms our intuitive understanding of the fact that relationships are far more important than behavior. The latter is just a pointer which should, of course, be taken into consideration, but it does not require our input, you need to influence completely other things.

Neufeld’s theory should be a part if teachers learning. This knowledge can significantly help to free the path of acquiring knowledge from all the unnecessary barriers. It is of foremost importance for parents to learn about this theory, though. As Gordon notes: “We have never had so many books on raising kids and at the same time have never had so many difficulties with parenting”. Without tricks or manipulations, Neufeld speaks to us from our kids’ points of views. He teaches us how to understand them and cooperate with them without threats, bribes, from the leading position of a grown up, in a humane and respectful manner.

And it works!

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