IMN Kindergarten

Kindergarten IMN

International Montessori Nursery has been founded in 2003 in Kyiv, in order to satisfy the demand for high quality preschool education. Over the years we have catered for many talented children who successfully continue on their educational journey.

IMN-globeOne of the goals of our curriculum is to meet all children where they are developmentally and to assist them in continuing to develop to their full potential. Children develop in a similar manner but on a timetable that is unique to each child. That means that at any given time in the classroom, the children are at a variety of ability levels developmentally.

One four-year-old may be reading and writing while another is just starting to recognize the alphabet. The same child who is able to read may still be challenged when it comes to socially interacting with his or her classmates. The child who is just beginning to recognize the alphabet may be the most agile child when it comes to playing a game of catch and keep away.

Our curriculum strives to meet the individual needs and assist the development of all children in all developmental areas or domains: intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. We utilize what is called whole child instruction. This means that we support the concept that young children are developing in several areas or domains simultaneously and that each of these areas of development are equally important to the child. Not only are they equally important, they are also interwoven. It has been said that the social/emotional development wellbeing of the child fuels the intellect. At the same time, without intellectual capabilities, the child’s social/emotional development would suffer. The latest research indicates that these two developmental areas, intellectual and social/emotional, actually develop hand in hand.

Have a good time! The journey through early childhood is a once-in-a-lifetime event!