Exhibition of works Primachenko

The museum complex "Art Arsenal"

Our field trip to the Priymachenko exhibition.

The kids were really interested in visiting this exhibition, after Pani Tetiana told them about it. So thanks to one very active mom Olesia Chornaya – we went. The kids were soooo excited, that it is hard to describe with words. They thoroughly enjoyed the guided tour, the guide at Mystetsky Arsenal was amazing!
Prior to the visit, we’ve read a bit of Maria’s biography. The exhibition had the kids really engaged in primitivism as an Art genre. Biography of the artist got the children thinking about the life circumstances that Maria has lived in and the hardships she overcame, as opposed to their life.
Katrina even came up with a question: Why are we born and live our whole lives doing something?
It was definitely a great experience and a reminder of how deeply and differently children see this world.

How we did it