Who will our school work best for?

We are more than happy to see all kids join us, but we know that children thrive in the synergy of school and home environment. Thus, families, who share our outlook on education as a whole and the fact that the academic process should be tailored to each child and not vice verse, will get the most out of being with us.

Families who might find our school interesting are:

  • families in which knowing English is measured by the ability of the child to express themselves freely;
  • children whose speed at learning is different from the average in any direction,
  • those parents who are looking for the highest standards and atmosphere of an international school, but with the budget that is closer to Ukrainian reality;
  • highly sensitive children, whose differences are taken into consideration in a small group,
  • For homeschoolers who are looking for more options for socializing or for those families, where parent-as-tutor is damaging the family relationship in general.